Why Choose Factory Reconditioned Equipment for Your Business?

Reconditioned Equipment like Taping Machine
For those of you in the construction business, the need to invest in all the necessary tools can be daunting. You may have the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise, but if you don’t have your own tools, you will surely have a difficult time growing your service-oriented business.

But if you’re only just starting your business, then why don’t you consider buying factory reconditioned tools together with diamond tools such as blades and core bits?
Factory reconditioned tools may not sound all that great, but the fact is, they’re actually as good as new. These are not damaged or beat up tools. These are products that the original manufacturer – the same one who makes the brand new tools – have restored based on the exact certifications that they also use for the new products. This means that they are not much different from non-reconditioned products, except that they are way cheaper. In fact, they do still come with a manufacturer warranty.

So why did they need to be reconditioned in the first place, you ask?

Well, there are a variety of reasons. Some of the tools are demo units used in field tests by distributors and retailers, while some are used in displays, where they unavoidably gather dust unlike the new boxed ones. Some are those that indecisive customers have ordered, used once or twice, and returned, mostly because they realize that their needs are different. Some are also cancelled orders, while some are returned under those 30-day money back guarantee offers some retailers have. Some are also returned or rejected due to some cosmetic blemish that do not affect the tool’s performance in any way. Most, if not all, of them are virtually unused, and are certainly not used on a regular basis that would cause significant wear and tear.

Reconditioning is an all-encompassing term that refers to the entire process of cleaning, doing quality checks, and testing that these tools undergo. If there are any damages such as factory defects, they are also serviced and would then have to pass the same stringent quality tests again before they are rolled back out into the market.

Thus, they undergo the exact same process that regular products do. The only reason why they have to be labeled as factory reconditioned is that some consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything that have to go back to the factory as ‘new’.

Reconditioned tools and equipment, also known as refurbished, are therefore a great idea if you’re trying to save money but are badly in need of some tools and equipment for your business. Since they are cheaper but are just as good as new, they offer excellent value for the money and will also allow you to buy several different tools for the same price you would normally pay for just one brand new tool. And if you choose a good, trusted manufacturer, then you can be sure that even their factory reconditioned products pass through strict quality tests and meet their highest standards before they are sent out into the market again.


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