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Organizing Your Kitchen with DIY Open Shelves

Nothing could look more exhausting than a cluttered kitchen, but do you know that a relatively simple DIY project can make your kitchens look more organized? You may not feel like you have it in you to create full cabinets to store your kitchen tools in, but some open shelving can at least give you extra space to keep those jars and glasses all lined up, and it’s certainly way easier to DIY.

Tools and Materials You’ll Need

So what will you need? The easiest thing to work with in DIY projects are wood boards; besides, open wooden shelving does have a unique charm that will add character to your kitchen. Aside from the wood itself, you will also need a cutting tool; if you have a diamond blade around, then it would certainly make the project a bit easier. You’re also going to need a measuring tape, some polishing pads, and some paint, if you wish to add some color for finishing.

Benefits of Open Shelving

Putting extra shelving in your kitchen will help you make the most of the space in your kitchen. What used to be just useless space in your walls will suddenly become your kitchen’s saving grace.

Of course, you have the option to make a cabinet or to install a pull-out shelf, but here are some reasons why you should certainly consider pulling a DIY open shelving project.

Open shelves are easy to make, but the best thing about them is that they’re easy to style. In fact, some homes have pulled off a charming look and feel by installing painted or stained wood boards as open shelves then simply decorating them with corbels. In just a few hours, you will not just have extra space for all your pots and pans; you will also have given your kitchen a quick makeover. Just take a look at these quaint decorative shelving that you can easily do yourself. 

Organizing Kitchen Diamond Blade

Aside from that, open shelving also offers an additional decorative appeal, since they can showcase your prized china collection. If you don’t have one, you can also get some old jars to house your herbs, spices, and other condiments; putting them on your charming wooden shelves will create a unique cottage-like look and feel. Or you can also invite your kids to paint your cups and jars in various colors or perhaps in different shades of yellow, if you prefer a sunny look, and line them up in your open shelves to add some art and color in your once cluttered kitchen.

Where to Find DIY Guides for Open Shelves

When you’re convinced and all ready to begin your DIY open shelving project to organize your cluttered kitchen, don’t worry, you’ll find lots of how-to guides on the Internet. But if you’re used to DIY projects, then do feel free to let your creativity flow. After all, it’s your kitchen; you have every right to inject a lot of your personality into it.

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Great Floor Polishing Opportunities: How’s Your Polishing Portfolio?

Terrazzo, taken from the Italian word for terraces, is one of the most widely used flooring around. It is widely preferred due to its durability and longevity even when it is used in areas of heavy traffic. Those who are keen on the aesthetic appeal of their flooring also often prefer this option as they also have an artistic appeal.

Terrazzo floors are created using various sizes of crushed marble and granite chips. These are mixed in a binder and are poured on the site itself. To achieve its clean, smooth look, the terrazzo has to be ground then polished using diamond polishing pads. These diamond abrasives are also used for the regular maintenance of terrazzo floors when they start looking dull due to heavy traffic. A bit of polishing and will certainly bring back the natural appeal of the terrazzo.

Floor Polishing Services – A Worthy Venture

If you offer home improvement services, you can add floor-cleaning polishing to your list of services. As long as you have a high performance polishing pad, you’re good to go. Diamond polishing pads can be used on concrete, marble, stone, and terrazzo, so they’re bound to be useful. If you don’t have one yet, you should definitely consider investing, as your diamond saw blades and core bits will not be enough if you want to expand to floor polishing.

A Quick Guide to Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

When you’re ready for your terrazzo floor-polishing project, start by removing any sealers that cover the surface of the floor. A heavy duty wax stripper will do the trick. Once the sealers are removed, rinse and scrub the floor to get rid of any excess dirt and grease. Once the floor is all stripped and clean, you can now move on to polishing the floor.

If you choose a good quality polishing pad, the task of cleaning and reviving dull terrazzo flooring will not be labor intensive. For terrazzo polishing, you will need wet polishing pads as these are more abrasive and can thus make the work faster. If you use a wet type, set it at the minimum speed of 150 rpm and a minimum head weight of 40 kilograms. If you notice a lot of soil and other residues, opt for an open weave diamond pad, as this usually creates a finer finish.

Your Diamond Polishing Pads Collection

To make sure you are covered for any application or need, however, make sure to buy different types of polishing pads, from the coarsest to the finest.

Coarse pads will remove a thin layer from the floor surface, which is ideal for deep cleaning severely stained or scratched floors. Over time, using coarse pads repeatedly may cause the flooring to be thinner than the original. As a rule, you should only use coarse polishers only when it is really necessary.

Medium coarse pads, on the other hand, will remove slight imperfections but will keep all the layers of the flooring intact. This might be very useful in many of your projects.

Finer pads, on the other hand, are used for making the surface of the flooring a bit reflective and shiny. In other words, they are mostly used for finishing purposes.

Once you’re done polishing, don’t forget to put a sealer over the terrazzo floors for added protection and longevity.

Adding terrazzo floor polishing to your list of services will certainly help expand your services portfolio, allowing you to serve more clients.

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Why Choose Factory Reconditioned Equipment for Your Business?

Reconditioned Equipment like Taping Machine
For those of you in the construction business, the need to invest in all the necessary tools can be daunting. You may have the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise, but if you don’t have your own tools, you will surely have a difficult time growing your service-oriented business.

But if you’re only just starting your business, then why don’t you consider buying factory reconditioned tools together with diamond tools such as blades and core bits?
Factory reconditioned tools may not sound all that great, but the fact is, they’re actually as good as new. These are not damaged or beat up tools. These are products that the original manufacturer – the same one who makes the brand new tools – have restored based on the exact certifications that they also use for the new products. This means that they are not much different from non-reconditioned products, except that they are way cheaper. In fact, they do still come with a manufacturer warranty.

So why did they need to be reconditioned in the first place, you ask?

Well, there are a variety of reasons. Some of the tools are demo units used in field tests by distributors and retailers, while some are used in displays, where they unavoidably gather dust unlike the new boxed ones. Some are those that indecisive customers have ordered, used once or twice, and returned, mostly because they realize that their needs are different. Some are also cancelled orders, while some are returned under those 30-day money back guarantee offers some retailers have. Some are also returned or rejected due to some cosmetic blemish that do not affect the tool’s performance in any way. Most, if not all, of them are virtually unused, and are certainly not used on a regular basis that would cause significant wear and tear.

Reconditioning is an all-encompassing term that refers to the entire process of cleaning, doing quality checks, and testing that these tools undergo. If there are any damages such as factory defects, they are also serviced and would then have to pass the same stringent quality tests again before they are rolled back out into the market.

Thus, they undergo the exact same process that regular products do. The only reason why they have to be labeled as factory reconditioned is that some consumer laws prevent manufacturers from selling anything that have to go back to the factory as ‘new’.

Reconditioned tools and equipment, also known as refurbished, are therefore a great idea if you’re trying to save money but are badly in need of some tools and equipment for your business. Since they are cheaper but are just as good as new, they offer excellent value for the money and will also allow you to buy several different tools for the same price you would normally pay for just one brand new tool. And if you choose a good, trusted manufacturer, then you can be sure that even their factory reconditioned products pass through strict quality tests and meet their highest standards before they are sent out into the market again.


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Comparison Between A Wet Polishing Pad And A Dry Polishing Pad

Polishing Pads and Core bit
Do you want your kitchen countertop to look elegant?  This is possible by using a diamond tool such as the polishing pad.  It works best with granite, natural stones and marble.  Professional installers of kitchen countertops use several diamond tools alongside with these pads such as a diamond blade and a core bit to achieve the result that they want.

Polishing pads are used for finishing countertop surfaces.  It is used mainly for grinding and polishing the surface to expose the stones, aggregates and in lays that are in the countertop.  These pads are not limited to countertops.  They are also used in polishing floors.

Is there really a big difference between a wet polishing pad and a dry polishing pad?

Wet Polishing Pad

First major difference is obvious.  Wet polishing pads are used for surfaces with the aid of water.  For most stones, wet polishing pads will finish the work faster.  Using this type of pad will also prevent dust out of the air.  If used properly, it will last longer than a dry pad.

Dry Polishing Pad

Unlike a wet polishing pad, this type can withstand a high temperature that is why it doesn’t require water for cooling.  It is generally used for surfaces that are not made of wet applications.  This pad can also cut through granite or any stone due to its high diamond concentration.  If pressed hard towards the surface, life of the pad might be shortened due to high temperature.
There is not much of a difference in terms of grits for both types.  What’s important is you know how to choose the right grit for the right job or application.  If you want to achieve a finer polish, get a higher number of grit.  Grit rating varies for these ype of pads.  

Make Up

These 2 types of pad are quite similar in terms of make up.  Both pads have diamonds or diamond dust in them and it is suspended in a resin material that becomes settled around the diamonds.  These diamonds forms the grits of the pads, which makes polishing possible.  The only difference is the type of resin since a dry polishing pad has a much higher heat tolerance compared to the wet polishing pad.

To ensure that you are using the right polishing pad for the surface, ask your supplier or check online for reviews and forums.  Get only the best polishing pad for your money’s worth.

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Automate Your Success: How to Package Yourself to Potential Employers

Potential Employers for Taping Machine
When was the last time you bought something because it just caught your eyes?

This shopping phenomenon (or marketing ploy) has puzzled me for the longest time. How can those products sit there and look all attractive and irresistible? Actually, we have bright marketers and automated manufacturing tools to thank for like a taping machine that secures the safety of packaged goods.

Why can’t landing a job be this easy?

Well, it actually is. Celebrities, politicians, professionals and practically anything or anyone can be packaged to be appealing to their respective target audience.

In looking for a job, here are some pointers on how you should present yourself to prospective employers.

  1. Build a unique product, which is you, by making a list of your skills, professional achievements as well the educational and training background you received. Take some time to list down your career objectives and goals as well. This little step will allow you to get a clear picture of where you want to be in the next 5 or 10 years.

  1. Remember that these components are three of your biggest selling points. They make up the unique selling proposition that you offer prospective employers. Being packaged as just another fresh graduate or a marketing manager will get you nowhere. Learn to highlight and flaunt your assets to get noticed in the sea of job seekers today.

  1. In order to seal the deal with a prospective employer, offer yourself in a distinct packaging when you include a winning cover letter in your job application. Make sure to highlight your strengths throughout the piece. Though not all employers require a cover letter, adding one can work to your advantage IF it is well crafted. Otherwise, it could send your application package right into the shredder.

  1. When writing one, make sure that you do not create an impression of arrogance or overconfidence. Choose your words wisely and flaunt your skills, achievements and other qualifications at just the right level.

  1. Submitting an updated and relevant resume completes your packaging as the perfect employee for the job. Your CV should contain the summary of your professional experiences and qualifications. Keep it easy on the eyes, direct to the point and most importantly, accurate. Padding your resume skills, certifications or experiences that you don’t actually have can backfire when you get the job which requires your fictional skills.

Always remember that packing yourself as the perfect person for the job is not about you. Even if you are the best person at what you do, employers would not hire you if they will not be able to see how doing so will benefit their business. This is where you should work the magic of paging the most. Let them know that you are the best solution to their problem. And of course, be ready to deliver your promise once you get hired.

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