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Shipping Containers: More Than Just a Storage Unit

We all know how important cargo containers are when it comes to trading and shipments of goods from one port to another. Apparently, these ginormous enforced steel ship cabinets have far better uses other than safekeeping goods while in the midst of the sea or being hoisted by a hydraulic lift just to be found discarded in some port or shipyard.

This changed when a sudden construction trend both for houses and buildings that involved steel cargo containers started to sprout across the world. Now, steel cargo container architecture is considered one of the most recognized styles in today’s industry.

Not only that. Aside from houses and structures, cargo containers can go a long way in terms of employing it for other projects.

And here are some of them:

Greenhouse/hydroponics sanctuary

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Saving the world one deed at a time? Why not make it in two deeds? Repurposing used cargo containers as a greenhouse not only significantly lessens the number of abandoned containers in shipyards, doing this project also contributes to Mother Nature by means of planting. Moreover, this makeshift plantation can also be used as hydroponics station for growing and nurturing plants, food and other agricultural crops.

Pop-up store

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Among popular retail stores that are already joining the cargo container pop-up store bandwagon includes Uniqlo, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. In addition, food establishments are as well into the cargo container trend, which is helpful to their part considering that it’s cost effective, not to mention exudes a warmer, more welcoming and laid back vibe.

Installation and other forms of art

Be it graffiti, sculpture or installation art at some random part, many artists today are employing this impregnable container as their medium. It is mainly because of its versatility and the complex characteristics of this corrugated sheet of metal that makes it a perfect medium for some artists.

Swimming pool

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Believe it or not, swimming pools made of cargo container do exist. And just like the aforementioned trend in homes and buildings, this home improvisational makeover is equally becoming a trend among home designers.

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