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A Groovy Kind of Room: Simple Renovation Tips for Unique Rooms

Unique Room - Diamond Blade
All things are not created equal.

Even your home is not safe from this fact of life. Before starting any home renovation with a core bit carrying contractor, it is best to know that there are cool and regular rooms in your humble abode.

Today, I’m sharing with you a couple of tips on how to make 2 cool looking rooms even more amazing:

Cool Room Tip # 1: For the Play Room for kids or Hobby Room for teens and adults

  • Safety first

I could never stress enough the importance of having a secure and hazard-free home especially if you have little ones. Aside from reflecting this principle in the other parts of your home, applying it is all more important for playrooms and hobby rooms where you and your kids will spend a lot of time together. Remember that your supplies should be non-toxic.

  • You can’t get enough storage space

It is also best to avoid pointed objects as well as ones with fewer components in playrooms so that the kids will not make the mistake of eating it. Always make sure that cutting tools and carpentry materials are out of reach of children. This could be easier when you have teens but just to make sure they’re protected set rules and teach them how to take care of themselves. Having an ample amount of storage space will not only keep tools organized but it is also a means to prevent accidents.    

  • Encourage learning and creativity through design

Bring in the spirit of fun and learning in this area even before you start using it. When designing these types of room, make sure that you put into consideration the purpose of the area and the personality of the individuals who would use it often. A child’s playroom is best painted with bright and bold colors to keep them alert and energetic. As for hobby rooms, they are more versatile in terms of design and space use.

Cool Room Tip # 2: For the Entertainment and Game Room

  • Provide ample seating options

In creating an entertainment and a game room, never think that everyone would be out and about at all times keeping themselves busy around the room. Make sure that you have enough seating space to allow your kids and visitors to rest when they’ve enjoyed themselves too much.

  • Bring in the fun

What makes an entertainment room?

Well, it’s all the toys and the tools that you put in there. Whether you decide to have a makeshift movie theater within your home or a laid back bar where you can let your hair down after a long day at work, make sure that get the right equipment and install them correctly. This leads me to my last tip in building your own over-the-top entertainment and game room…

  • Secure electrical wiring systems

Every room in your home has a distinct purpose. These specific objectives call for specific functionalities to be set in place. For an entertainment or a game room, it would be unavoidable to bring in appliances like flat screen TVs, home theater system and a projector which would need to be plugged and wired all together to get the ultimate recreation experience. Securing all the wiring in the room would not only allow your entertainment systems to work well but it will also decrease the chances incurring accidents or starting costly fires.

A bedroom functions as a personal sleeping area in your home. To be able to achieve this, the room has to contain a cozy bed and an ample amount of storage space for your personal belongings. Working along this thought, you can surely make any room in your home cool at any budget.  

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Attic Diaries: Tips and Tricks for Repurposing a Room

Attic with the help of diamond blade - core bit
Do you really want that?

Before bringing in the renovation experts with their core bit, make sure that you’ve made the final decision with regards to the attic renovation the so wanted. If you’re still having doubts, I have two bright ideas on how you can maximize the attic of your home.

Smart Renovation Idea # 1 Guest Room

  • Get the colors right

Guest rooms are just like any other bedroom in your home. Try to work within the same design principles to make sure that your visitors will feel right at home in your living space. For a relaxing atmosphere, light colors including pastels and neutrals are recommended. Adventurous home owners can opt for themed rooms or a bold color palette to create an edgier feel to their space.

  • Allow adequate lighting

Attics have garnered the reputation of being a stock room or a dungeon. It would be very easy to feel that way when you have a dark and closed space in this part of your home. Create the feeling of continuity in your home by opening up the guest room. To do so, you may add windows or a skylight roof to let in more light in the area. Placing in mood lights to create a dramatic evening can be great as well.

  • Invest in quality bedroom fixtures

The key to creating an inviting guest room is to see it as a miniature master bedroom. With this perspective, you are able to do away with the mentality that a guest room just an extra space in your home. Buying an expensive bed or a high-end luxurious rug is not necessary. The best way to go about making this space cozy is to scout for deals on quality bedroom fixtures that would last for years. Going cheep will only make you spend more on fixes and band-aid solutions.

Smart Renovation Idea # 3 Home Office and Study

  • Keep it simple and easy to clean

Too much clutter can always mess up your focus and productivity. That is why keeping your home office or study simple. No matter how much you like the adrenaline rush from a chaotic environment, structure and order in your workspace can assist you in getting more tasks done. Also, maintain a work area that easy to clean. This would save you a lot of time from all the sweeping that needs to be done. Maintaining a clean office can also keep the dust bunnies away from your books and other printed documents.  

  • Make comfort your priority

I believe that in order to your fullest potential in what you do, working and learning should be done in an encouraging environment. Poor lighting, extreme temperature and an inappropriate design can create discomfort especially if you stay long enough in the room. To avoid this, make comfort your priority. Add furniture and structures that help you feel at ease enough to function well.

  • Block off distractions

The home is a haven of distractions. That is, if you plan to work within the area because it was not originally made for that purpose. To put it simple, work should be done in an office while family and personal matters should be taken care of at home.  Combining these purposes can be done with proper planning and correct implementation. For a home office, it is best to set rules and policies to ensure that you get things done. The attic is a great secluded place in your home. To make it work even better, you may place signs on the door or chose to sound proof the area.

Repurposing a room in your home could be fun. But without a plan, it can cause a great depression your style. Make sure to research and do your homework well to get the most out of your home projects within the budget.

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